Organization Structure

The Association is composed by Members Committee, Executive Committee and Advisory Board
The Association Members Committee is the highest representatives of the association.
To provide the high quality training and studies of Yoga, the Members Committee should coordinate and establish different special management committees, functional committees and regional organizations
All the regional organizations, functional committees and special management committees must be approved by the Association with legal documents filed.


The Association is a non-profit, non-political international yoga educational organization.
The purpose of the Association is to provide the highest quality Yoga instruction and educational resources to anyone who is interested in Yoga, exchange the knowledge and techniques of yoga practices among different international yoga associations, to promote high standards of yoga instruction through teacher training and certification ,to protect the membership right and to promote the health lifestyle to the public society

After being evaluated by the Association, the membership can be granted to both group unit who has at least 10 members or students and individual members who have already had some basic knowledge of yoga and strong interest in Yoga.
Divisions of the Association

Each regional registered yoga division of the Association is the local organization, the local committee will be responsible for its daily operation. All the events and activities should be reported to the Association to record.
All the local divisions of the Association should obey the local laws and regulations. All the daily operations and events should be legal and approved by the local government and laws. Each division is independently and fully responsible for all the activities and events held by themselves.
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